Are there secrets in Freemasonry?

You will find information about Freemasonry in public libraries and on the internet, Until recently it was policy for members to be self-effacing and to avoid publicity about our organisation and our community work. Today among Freemasons there is an openness and pride in our organisation and its special quality of benevolence. This benevolence shows that Freemasons value people, have a tradition of caring and trust, tolerate diverse views, and encourage learning and advancement.


What goes on in Lodge rooms?

Freemasons gather at their Lodge for meetings that follow’ a business format much like other organisations. Meetings also have a ceremonial aspect, unique to Freemasonry. The ceremonial aspect involves steps or stages dramatically portrayed as allegories or stories ¬†through which new or Apprentice Freemasons must pass to become Master Masons.


What’s the meaning of the handshake?

The Freemasons handshake is nothing more than a sign of trust that dates back 300 years to the start of modern Freemasonry, and is a gesture still used by Freemasons today.


Do Freemasons use things like passwords and symbols?

Developed long before modern modes of communication, passwords were used by Freemasons to establish their level of progress or attainment in the organisation. We are surrounded by logos and symbols that organisations use to represent their ideals. Freemasons use their passwords and symbols to communicate and educate.


What happens in an initiation, and can family attend?

The initiation of a new Freemason is a ceremony that lasts for about one hour. At the end of the ceremony, the new member is presented with an Entered Apprentice Apron.

Only Freemasons can attend the ceremony. Family members and friends who are also Freemasons generally attend to support the new Freemason.


Is any ceremony open to the public?

The ceremony to appoint a new Grand Master and his national officers is a public ceremony.


The Freemasons logo and Lodge information is often seen in funeral notices. Do Freemasons have to attend these funerals?

Freemasons do not have to attend a fellow Freemasons funeral, but those who are members of the deceased’s Lodge may do so as a sign of respect and friendship.