What are some of the activities that a Freemason does?

Freemasonry provides many opportunities to be involved in lots of different activities.
This will be dependent on the lodge you join.


Here are a few examples of what a Freemason might like to be involved in.

  • Attending personal development workshops
  • Attending a presentation given from an industry expert or local community group or business
  • Participating on a motorcycle ride rising funds for charity
  • Assisting with cooking duties at the local city mission
  • Pitching in helping those in your community that need assistance
  • Regular formal dinner evenings
  • Meeting your Brothers for an informal catch up (cheap and cheerful evening)
  • Christchurch car rally fun day out exploring parts of Christchurch you may not have known existed
  • Visiting another Lodge to participate in there activities
  • Watch another Lodges ritual work for the evening

This list in endless and that is the exciting part every month there is something very unique and interesting happening.