What will I learn as a Freemason?

Freemasonry provides training in seif-development, public speaking, mentoring, tolerance, communi­cation skills and self-confidence. In Freemasonry, members meet as equals and part as friends.


Where and how often do Freemasons hold meetings?

Freemasons usually hold meetings in local Lodge rooms. Most meetings are held monthly.


What happens at a meeting of Freemasons?

A meeting of Freemasons is similar to a meeting of any organisation. The meeting follows a business format. Minutes are taken and accounts are read. Members discuss plans for forthcoming events and discuss charity activities and social occasions.

A meeting of Freemasons includes ceremonial activities. These activities involve a series ol formalised and symbolic presentations—similar to short plays—that use drama to highlight the codes of conduct by which Freemasons choose to live.


Why don’t Freemasons talk about what they do in Lodge rooms?

Generally Freemasons talk about what they do in Lodge rooms, but as in any walk of life not all people want to talk about every aspect ol (heir lives. At various times over its 300-year history. Lodges have been places of refuge – away from authoritarian and political control and memories of war and discord – and places where men were equal, trusted each other and were iriends.

In more recent years societal changes and new technologies have created an open and transparent world. These changes have impacted Freemasonry too, and a spirit of openness is filtering through our organisation.


What makes Freemasonry different from other service organisations?

While charitable service and caring about people is a cornerstone ol Freemasonry, there are aspects to Freemasonry trot found in other service organisations. Men become Freemasons to develop as individuals and meet other like-minded people; and to enjoy the sociable nature of our organisation, its tradition, rituals, regalia and ceremony.