Can women become Freemasons?

Order of the Eastern StarIn New Zealand women can join The Order of the Eastern Star, an international organisation started by a Freemason In the United States.


Do women benefit from Freemasonry?

Although Freemasonry is an organisation for men, women play an important role. Their encouragement, interest and support of their husbands and partners, their involvement in charity projects and social activities, and the often life long friendships they make within Freemasonry are welcomed and valued.


What are the benefits to the family of a Freemason?

Put simply, Freemasonry is about creating better people and encouraging members to be the best people they can be. Freemasonry’s traditional values are still relevant and important in how today’s families and communities develop. Care of people, family, fellow Freemasons, the community and country is a cornerstone of the organisation.


Is a Freemason’s wife/partner welcomed at a Lodge?

Family values are an important part of a Freemason’s life, and families often take part in and are encouraged to be involved in Lodge social activities.