Why do Freemasons dress up in formal dress?

Formal dress is an important part of Freemasonry tradition and style. Today most Lodges accept a business suit as a suitable alternative to formal dress.

Other alternatives to formal dress include military and other service uniforms an example of this might be, Police, Fire or Ambulance.





Can you wear casual clothes to a Lodge?

Freemasonry has a proud tradition and most men own a business suit, and dress in such attire at Lodge meetings and activities out of respect for, and for the tradition of Freemasonry.

What are regalia?

Regalia are items such as aprons, cuffs, sashes, medals, swords, Lodge banners, and accessories including ties, lapel pins, gloves, cases and rings.

Why wear aprons?

Aprons are symbolic of the aprons worn by stone masons who centuries ago built castles and churches, and were the craftsmen who began Freemasonry. The decoration on aprons signifies the level of attainment or role of a particular Freemason.

Where are the regalia made?

For many years, the regalia (such as aprons) that Freemasons use in New Zealand were made in England. In recent years, the regalia has been made In England and various other locations, such as Australia and Asia.

Does a Freemason buy his aprons or is the cost included in his subscription?

Some Lodges include the aprons in the subscriptions; other Lodges require the Freemason to buy his apron.

If a family member was a Freemason, can his apron be used by a new Freemason?

Many aprons are passed on within families, from generation to generation.

As a Freemason moves through the organisation he wears different aprons, so can he sell the old ones?

A Freemason can sell his old aprons, but generally they are used by others within a family or a member of his Lodge.

When a Freemason dies, must his family return the aprons ?

A Freemasons family doesn’t need to return his aprons after he dies, but generally family members do pass his regalia, including any apron, back to his Lodge.

If a deceased Freemason is a member of Grand Lodge then his regalia must be returned.