Why do Lodge buildings took unwelcoming, with many lacking windows?

Architectural styles have changed enormously since the first Lodge was built in New Zealand in 1842, and Lodge buildings reflect these changes. Lodges are more than real estate; they are ‘living’ examples of the mix of traditional and modern aspects of Freemasonry.


Are Lodge buildings safe and do they comply with building codes?

The safety regulations for Lodge buildings are no different than those for other structures in New Zealand, Lodge buildings must comply with local law and a repair and refurbishment programme is ongoing. The devastating Christchurch earthquakes were the catalyst for nine Lodges to centralise and develop a modern, purpose-built Lodge to house them all.


On the Kapiti Coast, two Lodges sold their buildings and bought a property more suited to their needs. Both projects include commercial space that provides the Lodges with rental income,


Can anyone visit a Lodge room?

Today Lodge rooms are seen as community facilities. Although mainly used by Freemasons for meetings, many Lodges make their premises available to community group for activities such as health and fitness, dance lessons, and arts and crafts.


Do Lodges hold working bees to look after the premises?

Sometimes Lodges hold working bees, but they are not a burden on members.