When and how did Freemasonry begin?

Freemasonry historyFreemasonry began about 300 years ago in Europe, when the men who worked as stonemasons building castles and cathedrals formed an organisation to protect their specialist engineering skills and pass them on to worthy apprentices. As times changed other craftsmen and men from a variety of trades and professions became Freemasons. Over time the organisation known as Freemasonry with its key principles of kindness, care, honesty and fairness has spread worldwide.

When did Freemasonry start in New Zealand?

With the arrival of the early settlers Freemasonry became part of local society. By 1842 the first Lodge was founded and by 1890 Freemasons New Zealand was established.


How many men are Freemasons in New Zealand?

historyNationwide there are 8,000 Freemasons. Like many organisations, Freemasons New Zealand have seen our membership ebb and flow over the years.

How many Lodges does New Zealand have?

Lodges are the group of men who meet together at  a specific location, there are 249 Lodges nationwide. Lodge buildings are the rooms where we meet and they are sited in or near most communities. A refurbishment programme is modernising many of our 167 Lodge buildings.

Is Freemasonry still relevant today?

The Freemasonry principles of kindness, care, honesty, trust and fairness are timeless values that are as relevant to the world today as they were 300 years ago. With these core ideals. Freemasonry in the 21st century fits comfortably into the modern world.