About us

Freemasons have always enjoyed the trusted friendships that come through belonging to the organisation.

But in this open and transparent era in which we all live, we have a responsibility to discuss our organisation in the wider community.

Some of the best advocates for Freemasonry are our families and friends, it’s our responsibility to help them understand the value of Freemasonry in a way that is easily understood by those without a masonic background.

Freemasonry is founded upon principles of care, kindness, honesty and trust. These are timeless values that are as relevant to the world today as they were 300 years ago when the organisation was established, and throughout the 150 years we have supported and cared for the people of New Zealand.

Our organisation has given much and has much to offer. We are an amalgamation of the old and the new, of tradition and modernisation, and an organisation that fits comfortably into the 21st century, Our future is bright, and I am sure you will see men of calibre wanting to become Freemasons.

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Welcome – There is a lot of information on the internet about Freemasonry however in this instance we have tried to create a website with a New Zealand focus.

Our aim is for you to find out enough information to take your first step into Freemasonry.

We would love to hear from you any questions or feed back will be replied to promptly.

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Traditionally to enter into Freemasonry you would need to know a Freemason and this is still true. The great news now is you have meet a Freemason and I along with my fellow Brothers we will be available to act as your guides as you learn more.

We have an online chat facility available on this website. If we are online you will see an Online Chat icon at the bottom right of your screen. Click on that and say hello we are ready to answer your questions.

A good place to start is to watch the introduction video above.